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ARK’s Custom Equipment Is the Best in the Business

Our state-of-the-art customized equipment was built with multiple types of facilities in mind. Our equipment features custom build diesel engines able to manage 4,000 pounds of pressure at a maximum of 210° F carrying 500 gallons of water on board. With the unique ability to be able to be adjusted based on the needs of the facility we are working on. Essentially, we have created a custom concrete cleaner.

The ARK Difference

Pressure: 4000 psi    Temperature: 210°F     Capacity: 7 gallons per minute

All of these specifications can be adjusted based for the specific project needs. For example, the pressure required to rinse a building face is much less than the pressure used to remove gum from a sidewalk.

Request a free estimate or call us at 623-907-4097 Valleywide.


Tel:  (623) 907-4097


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