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A.R.K., a locally owned and operated commercial exterior cleaning company, started in 1986 as a Pressure Washing company servicing commercial retail grocers. Over the past 30 years, A.R.K. has developed into a professional, trusted, and reliable commercial exterior services company.

In organizations, whether spontaneously or intentionally, culture develops. Our culture throughout our 30 years, has been driven by seeing the benefits of keeping true customer service and commitment to excellence as our guiding core principles. Our years professional experience allows us to match client needs to a unique service program by selecting the proper management, service schedule, equipment, chemicals, and personnel consistent with clients' facility requirements.

Our turn key programs are also tailored to handle day-to-day services, special requests, and specific needs; while working to accommodate budget restraints.

Leadership Team

A.R.K. has built a culture centered on true customer service and commitment to excellence. Our drive, dedication and culture translate to a proactive approach and anticipation of our customer's needs. We add value and allow clients the freedom to focus on their core competency by providing a leadership team that has expert knowledge and experience that truly care about the outcome of our service at each property we service.

Rick Carey, Owner/Retired

With a background in the construction industry, Rick’s been an entrepreneur since he started working for his family business as a teenager. He learned early on that customer service and hard work are the keys to a successful business, and has put those skills to good use ever since he started ARK Property Services in 1986.

The name ARK comes from the first initials of the names of Rick’s three children. Rick enjoys spending time with his entire family, as well as friends who tag along on his famous “luxury” camping trips.

Adryan Carey, General Manager

The “R” in A.R.K. (his childhood nickname was “Ryan”), Adryan Carey started working for the company as a pressure-washing technician in 1997. He was quickly promoted to Director of Operations. Then as Rick retired, Adryan became General Manager and oversees all aspects of the business, including operations, scheduling and management for every job and supervises the training and development of all A.R.K. employees.


With the experience and expertise of over 20 years, Adryan is the right person to take the helm of A.R.K and steer the company into the future. Like his father, Adryan has learned that job quality and customer service are the top priorities of any successful business. In his free time, Adryan enjoys the company of his wife and four children or any golf course.

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